“Munish Barin is outstanding. He has TPC (True Personal Concern) always available working with me.

We prevailed and I couldn’t thank Munish enough for his time, his dedication, knowledge of laws and procedures. He shall go far and I would not hesitate to call him in the future or refer him to others. 

No words can articulate my appreciation for his service!”

“It was a pleasure to work with Munish on my case. The outcome was in our favor on all accounts. Munish is a professional, friendly and is attentive to preparations to present a thorough case. He sincerely hopes for the best outcomes and works diligently to that end. Yet honest that there is no guarantee in what the Judge or Jury may ultimately decide. If you’re needing an Attorney that will fight for you, Munish Barin is the man for the job! He has a passion as an attorney, a quality everyone would want in the person you trust to represent you in any case. I was blessed and am thankful for his representation.”

“I had several charges that were more than 20 years old that I wanted vacated or expunged for current job opportunities this was a long and drawn out process because I live out of state and trying to find records for these charges was near impossible Munish took the extra time to track down these records and argue my requests to the courts by personally going to several different Counties. . Without their persistence these would have never been resolved.”

“I recently went on trial, and Mr. Munish Barin represented me. I will say that he alone went against the prosecution team. He is very respectful and explains everything that I was not clear on. I was amazed at how knowledgeable he is. He pretty much knows the law in and out. He is well-organized. Whenever the Judge asked anything, he had a copy ready for the prosecutor and the Judge. He is very straightforward and always prepared to defend his client. When the Judge told me that Mr. Munish did work on my case Thanksgiving Day I was speechless.”