Sound Injury Law is a law firm serving people in the greater Puget Sound region. We are dedicated to helping individuals and families who are victims of personal injury and wrongful death, and we are their advocates and guides through the process of holding responsible parties accountable.


Our Focus

Our exclusive focus is injury cases, with an emphasis on serious injury cases, including brain injury and other kinds of catastrophic injury. We are honored to seek justice on behalf of the injured and the families of wrongful death victims, and we welcome you to contact us directly for a free consultation. 

“When the insurance company was trying to prematurely terminate my claim, I called John for help. He knew exactly what to do to advocate for my rights. With very little effort on my part, John got the insurance company to stop bothering me and do their job. I couldn’t be happier with my interaction with John.”
— Susanna
“A true professional and genuine person.

John Hardie and his partner helped me when I had lost all faith in the legal profession. I had been fraudulently represented for years with another attorney for my personal injury case. This person was not only an attorney but also a close family friend who lied to me and my family claiming my case was ongoing when it was dismissed about a year and a half earlier.

John understood the emotional devastation and betrayal this caused and how deeply it affected my family and personal relationships. He had his own level of shock and dismay that someone in his own profession could do this to a client let alone a family friend.

John was a man on a mission for justice, making sure the attorney who harmed me was accountable to the law. He succeeded but his success was due to his unwavering support and his genuineness as a person that allowed him to move and act with such care and regard as my attorney.

He stood by me when I felt abandoned, he listened when I needed a sounding board, he was a true professional. I completely and without reservation, can recommend John Hardie.”
— Kevin